For over 20 years, Grant Thayer has diligently served the citizens of Elbert County. As County Commissioner, District 3, he has tirelessly worked with the other Commissioners to improve roads, safety, and the economic stability of the county budget. He protects property and water rights for all members of the community, including ranchers, small business owners, homeowners, and everyone that calls Elbert County home.  

Grant works with the Master Plan to bring additional business prospects to Elbert County and provide economic opportunities for its citizens. He has been a key supporter of families, first responders, teachers, county employees and thousands of workers that are employed at local businesses by encouraging the development of safe and affordable housing. 

Grant is a long-time resident of the county. He is married to Pat, and they have two grown children. He loves and wants to protect the county in multiple ways. He understands the interrelationship between a growing community and the rich rural heritage of Elbert County. 

Grant will keep on working hard to serve the great people of Elbert County with stable leadership that will continue to increase prosperity over the next four years. Reelect Grant Thayer Commissioner, District 3. 

Paid for by the committee to reelect Grant Thayer

Registered Agent: Daniel Rosales